Summit Kilns Conversion

 Some time ago he noticed a large number of electric kilns being put aside and not being used because of electrical problems.  These problems being, burned out elements, switches, kiln-sitter parts, controllers, relays and thermo-couplers. Although many of these kilns electrically, were not worth fixing because of the cost involved their bodies were still viable and could be used to fire ceramics and pottery by another heat source, gas. 

This idea of reusing older electric kilns for gas presented a challenge in design and construction, which were overcome.  Testing and adjustments were finely completed and these units went on sale in the late 80’s. 

Hundreds of these conversions have been sold throughout the country with great success.  Being a potter himself, he knows what a gas kiln should do for the owner and has made sure the conversion follows through. These conversions have done all types of firings, low fire (luster’s and decals), bisque, RAKU, high fire to cone ten, oxidation or reduction.

Knowing that a used electric kiln may be found anywhere, (ceramic shops, school system auctions , pottery friends, and in news papers), it is the most economical  way of getting a gas kiln at a very reasonable price.  The conversions are made with real steel not bent sheet metal, and all have a 5 year warranty.  Each burner system comes with a template to cut out burner holes and conversion instructions.  Also, included is a 5 page instruction manual that covers proper placement of the kiln, how to load, how to bisque and glaze fire in oxidation or reduction and RAKU.

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