Kiln Controller

This controller is state of the art in this class.  This controller is not only user friendly, but very functional, with many built in features. 

This controller can be ordered in two firing models, the Model C4 is for cone fire for ceramic firings which includes a full ceramic firing range from cone 018 to cone 10 and four ramp and hold programs.  The second model is Model 9P, having nine ramp and hold programs available for all kinds of specialty firings like ceramics, glass, annealing, and china painting.  All Summit 3 button controllers are set up for 20 amp capability.  Both controllers can be ordered for 120 or 240 volt operation.  The 120 volt model if ordered for 15 amps can be upgraded to 20 amp function by just changing out the existing 15 amp 120 volt plug with a 20 amp 120 volt plug.  Each controller comes with a six foot power cord and a six foot thermo-coupler wire.  All controllers are covered by a one year warranty.

Shipping weight 4 lbs.                                     Price:  $395.00


(Same price for 15 or 20 amp 120 or 240 volts)

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