Model GV-18


This conversion system will fit any electric kiln 17” to 18” wide chamber size. 

It offers two burners with an adjustable pilot system. 

This conversion will put your kiln into RAKU temperatures very quickly. 

High fire can be reached in about 1 to 2 hours. 

Built of welded angle iron steel it will last for many years.  This conversion will turn your old electric into a gas kiln that will provide you with thousands of trouble free firings. Conversion time is about 45 minutes. 

*Can be fired on natural or propane gas. 

Shipping weight 27 lbs.
Propane Gas:  $220.00 plus shipping     Natural Gas:  $230.00 plus shipping

BASO-Safety Shutoff:  

Propane Gas: 
$245.00     Natural Gas:  $235.00

2” Steel Castors (swivel) set of 4 installed:    $40.00


*Propane conversions need 3 lbs. of pressure.  We recommend using our hi-pressure regulator, gauge and 12 foot hose for any gas conversion.                $60.00

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