Model GV-24

The GV-24 can convert your old 23” or 24” electric kiln into a fully functional gas kiln. 

This four burner system will fire up your kiln into stoneware temperatures with ease and efficiency. 

This model has been designed to be easy to control and fire. 

A template has been provided to convert your old electric to a gas kiln. 

Within about 1 hour you can reuse your old kiln as a gas kiln and can look forward to thousands of trouble free firings. 

Made of heavy-duty steel angle iron this unit will last you for many years, eliminating the need for a new kiln.  Never again will you have to call a repairman and pay out hundreds of dollars.  In gas kilns there is nothing to break.  Comes with complete conversion and firing instructions.  *Fires on natural or propane gas. 

Shipping weight 40 lbs. 

Propane Gas:  $285.00 plus shipping     Natural Gas:  $295.00 plus shipping

BASO-Safety Shutoff:  

Propane Gas: 
$245.00     Natural Gas:  $235.00

2” Steel Castors (swivel) set of 4 installed:    $40.00


*Propane conversions need 3 lbs. of pressure.  We recommend using our hi-pressure regulator, gauge and 12 foot hose for any gas conversion.                $60.00

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